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Cowboys Love Elephants Too!

So excited for our client and Author Carole Sondrup as she launches her first children’s book “Cowboys Love Elephants Too!”  Love is love, in any language. But what happens when no language exists to make communicating that love possible? A breakthrough must happen, and when it does, the joy of understanding and being understood is suddenly present. This is the breakthrough that happened between “Cowboy Bob” and Amy the Elephant, and was both experienced and chronicled by his daughter as her own children grew up. Having seen these communication breakthrough happen with her own eyes, the author is convinced this…

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High Elevation

Custom Website Design • Semi-Custom Design • Mobile Website Design • Single Property Websites • Website Administration • Website Marketing • Search Engine Optimization • Pay-Per-Click Marketing • Email Campaigns • Newsletter Design • Print & Logo Design • Web Consulting & Reporting

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We are very proud of former NeXstep Broker Erica Scanlon and her new business; Toolaloo!  Erica is getting ready to launch her brand new product in 2018 and we could not be any more proud of her.  Would you like a way to shop more simply and help save the planet at the same time? If so, you need Toolaloo!  It’s a handy little tool that helps you carry your reusable bags from the car to the store and back home.

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