Designed to make shopping with reusable bags easy
Preserve the earth, reduce waste, shop simply, live happily…

We are very proud of former NeXstep Broker Erica Scanlon and her new business; Toolaloo!  Erica is getting ready to launch her brand new product in 2018 and we could not be any more proud of her.  Would you like a way to shop more simply and help save the planet at the same time? If so, you need Toolaloo!  It’s a handy little tool that helps you carry your reusable bags from the car to the store and back home.


The Toolaloo Story

Do you ever have the best intentions, and then at the last second it just doesn’t happen?

Sometimes that is with eating sweets just after you’ve written out your new health plan, but in this case, I am talking about my reusable bags!

So many times, I have my reusable bags in the car and then I forget to bring them in the store! Or, I bring them in, but there doesn’t seem to be enough room in my cart. Gah! So frustrating.

My aha moment that led me to this venture came when I was at home one night complaining about this conundrum to my husband and kids. For backdrop, I live in Colorado, a state that really values being eco-conscious, and I am definitely one of those people, but I realized, it’s damn hard to do it when it’s also not convenient.

So, I set out doing my research to find a better solution. In the process, I realized I wasn’t alone. Did you know that 99 million Americans use reusable bags, but forget them 40% of the time? On the one hand, it made me feel better. On the other hand, it made me more excited and motivated to create a solution.

That’s when Toolaloo was born. And Yes, she’s my baby! Along with my other babies of course !

I hope you like the product as much as I do.
– Erica Scanlon, Founder


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