25 Best Neighborhoods In Denver

Recently 5280 Magazine came out with their top 25 neighborhoods in Denver.  If your new to the Denver area or just interested in learning more about different Denver neighborhoods; we found this an excellent article filled with great information and detailed maps.  To read the full article: CLICK HERE…

How did they do it?  Per the article 5280 magazine looked at a variety of data points including: crime, school rankings, and home prices.  They looked at all 73 neighborhoods and weighted is category to come up with their top 25.   To see a map of the Denver Neighborhoods: CLICK HERE…

“Our ranking is based on four variables: home prices, crime data, school rankings, and an X factor score that accounts for things that can’t be easily quantified, such as access to open space, public transportation, and restaurants and shops. Each category is weighted: 30 percent for year-over-year percentage change in home values; 25 percent for safety; 15 percent for neighborhood school ratings; and 30 percent for the X factor. Our initial list of 78 neighborhoods (which was whittled down to 73, as you’ll read below) is based on the city of Denver’s official map. That explains why you won’t see areas like LoHi or RiNo mentioned; officially, they’re not considered their own neighborhoods—even though locals would probably disagree.

Here is a summary of 5280 Magazines top 25 Neighborhoods

1-5                                     6-10                      11-15                                    16-20                         21-25

1. Wellshire                   6.  Speer                  11. Country Club                   16. Central Park       21. Whittier

2. Belcaro                      7.  S. Park Hill        12.  University Park             17. N Park Hill          22. Berkeley

3. Washington Park    8.  Sloan Lake        13. Hale                                  18. Skyland               23. Mar Lee

4. Platt Park                 9.  Hill Top              14. Congress Park                19. Cherry Creek      24. W. Highland

5. City Park                  10.  Union Station  15. Gateway/Green Valley  20. Hampden S.      25. Highland